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Booking Jobs On Your Own? Sure!

BOOKING WITHOUT AN AGENT! Now make no mistake, we LOVE us some agents up in Voicetrax; after all, getting signed is a major milestone in your voice-over career! However – and that’s just a well-dressed “but” – that doesn’t mean there isn’t a TON of work to book before then! Take ‘Traxer ANDY BLUESTEIN, for instance: not only has he been hard at it studying at Voicetrax, he’s a prime example of what you can achieve with a little networking! Linked below is a video showing just what can happen when you mix in a little “WHO you know” with WHAT you know! Congratulations, Andy! Now about this overwhelming urge to buy labels…



Power Outage? WHAT Stinkin’ Power Outage?

THE SHOW MUST GO ON: ain’t no silly billion-dollar blackout gonna stop THIS crew from learning voice acting! Wednesday night was the first night of “The ABCs and 123s Of Toys” and as you may recall, we were running the office off a couple devices, popsicle sticks and chewing gum that day! But directors CHUCK WEDGE and GAVIN HAMMON didn’t care – they had a plan! And as soon as we tossed in a few LED lanterns and MacGyvered a fresh flashlight to a copy stand, class was off to the pre-Industrial Age races – and don’cha know, some FUN was had at Camp Voicetrax! Hats off to all of you for your enthusiasm and dedication.

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