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Playing One on TV…

KEEP AN EYE ON THE SMALL SCREEN: By now, most of you have heard about, or read and told us about how much you enjoyed Samantha’s memoir, “Finding the Bunny: The secrets of America’s most influential and invisible art revealed through the struggles of one woman’s journey.” We’ve been bursting at the seams, and the time is finally here for us to let you in on some unbelievably HUGE news….

Warner Bros. (yes, people… THAT Warner Bros.) loved Samantha’s story so much that they have decided to option her book for development into a television series!

We are beyond thrilled with this incredible news (perhaps a happy dance or two broke out), and so proud of Samantha for trusting her inner voice at every step, following her creative vision no matter the obstacles, and defying the odds, as a first-time author, to land this deal! And, you can all take a bow. Why? Because each and every one of you are an integral part of the “house that Sam built”, the creative haven that is Voicetrax, which along with her personal story has captured the imagination of the WB Drama Department!

Stay on the lookout for the full interview with Samantha in the upcoming FALL 2019 CATALOG!

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Straight Outta LA: Keepin’ It Real With Scott Parkin!

“A wonderful group of actors who hung it out there and in my opinion came a long way!” This, from a man who knows a thing or two about coming a long way: VT Guest Director SCOTT PARKIN, who comes up from LOS ANGELES to teach “Fifty Shades Of Real”!  If voice actors see the word “conversational” once, they see it a MILLION times a day in commercial specs.  So in keeping with the Voicetrax “only-the-BEST-will-do” philosophy, we employ the services of the man known as the KING of the conversational read!

Doesn’t hurt at all that Scott’s classes also have the benefit of being laugh-out-loud FUN!


Keeping a Finger on the Pulse of Medical Narration

BAY AREA MEDICAL NARRATION IS A THING: for today’s W-t-Friday post, we thought we’d toss up a little pic of the sign-in sheet today at Viscira, a San Francisco new media agency specializing in life sciences. And who should we see but ‘Traxers JULIA NORTON and CHUCK KOUROUKLIS! If we had a look at Tuesday’s sheet, we might have caught Med Narration Extraordinaire VICKI BAUM! So brush up on your “myristoylation”, your “immunooncology”, and your “neovascularization”, everyone, ’cause there’s WORK to be had here with terms like those…


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