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Preparation + Opportunity =…

Here’s the latest and hottest from the DON’T-NEED-AN-AGENT-TO-START-WORKING FILE: ‘Traxer DIANA HAVEN’S FIRST BOOKING! This won’t be the first ‘Traxer story you’ve read about a “friend of a friend” needing someone to voice a project, but the twist here is that Diana was thrown some challenges – JUST AFTER she’d had a class on dealing with them! And now, we’ll just let her take over:

“So, the ‘Booking Gigs 123’ class literally paid for itself after just two classes this past week. They say ‘Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,’ right? Well, this was the perfect example.

My friend Kim is the PR Director for the Kapor Center in Oakland. On Friday afternoon she called me with an urgent need to hire voiceover talent for a video she was helping produce… The initial VO they had hired wasn’t a fit, and she was hoping I’d be interested. Of course the catch was she needed it in two days, and it was a four minute video where the director needed to patch in while I was recording. Since I had just learned about phone patching in class, as well as what the going rate for a four-minute video should generally be, I was able to say yes without hesitation… I recorded an audition that night, which they liked, and two days later recorded a final cut that required no pick-ups!”

Here’s the link, and we couldn’t be PROUDER OF and MORE THRILLED WITH the way Diana handled herself on her FIRST JOB – one of MANY TO COME!


‘Traxers DeScending on DeYoung

THERE ARE NO SMALL ROLES, ONLY SMALL ACTORS. Just ask Guest Directors VICKI BAUM and JIM EDGAR, and ‘Traxer SEAN CAIN! When Guest Director Peter Dunne approached them to provide a few character lines for the upcoming “Summer Of Love” exhibition at the DeYoung Musuem, they all said “HELL YEAH!” – and that was BEFORE they knew the main narrator was another Voicetrax Guest Director you all may have heard of: PETER COYOTE! Gold star to anyone who can guess which of the three said, “I don’t give a DAMN if it’s only one line, I’m in an audio tour with PETER F-ING’ COYOTE!”

The tour is coming to the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco April 8, and running through August 20! Follow the link below for more information – and when you go, listen carefully so you don’t miss their stellar performances!


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