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‘Traxers Meet For John Muir Health


Nothing beats meeting fellow ‘Traxers on a job, but one thing comes close – finding a sweet note on the script from the friendly ‘Traxer before you on the same project! JIM EDGAR left this little greeting for VICKI BAUM on a spot for John Muir Health, a radio campaign which will also feature ‘Traxer BRENDA McNABB! And how did Vicki feel about finding that note? “It took me a second to figure out what it was, but boy did it pump me up and make me proud! It was like a virtual Voicetrax fist-bump – must have worked, ‘cause I only needed two takes to give them what they wanted!” It’s just the kind of good will extending across the Voicetrax family all year long – and we wish you nothing less for you and yours this holiday season!


YAKKO Comes To Town…


It’s always a pleasure when one of our luminaries comes to town to teach at Voicetrax – and they don’t shine any brighter than Animaniac/Mutant Ninja Turtle/”Pinky” actor ROB PAULSEN! Last weekend, 12 lucky students got to share in the wisdom imparted from one of the most brilliant, prolific and generous practitioners of the voice-acting art you can find ANYWHERE. And we just couldn’t be prouder and more gratified to have him in the Voicetrax Stable of industry-leading Guest Directors. Keep an eye out; you can count on more in the coming months from Rob!

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