NOW THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DON’T HEAR EVERY DAY… a voice actor booking a job with NO audition, purely from his ratings and reviews on In German?? “Must be a ‘Traxer”, you might guess, and you’d be right! Join us now as JOHN ELEBY spins us a little Friday #VoicetraxSF yarn:
“Wanted to share a recent booking for a YouTube video as it was doubly unique!! First, the client contacted me through Voice123 with a booking offer, not an audition! I asked and they said that based on my reviews, demos and rating on the site, they were comfortable just offering me the job, which is rad!
The second cool aspect was that this was my first gig in a foreign language (German)! The lines were fairly short, but it was so cool to see all that Voicetrax training translate (quite literally) to a different language. Recorded each line individually as requested, and then as a whole so it flowed a bit more and they were thrilled!
Lesson I took from this one is to consistently curate your profile. Whether a website, Voice123 or other, it might just get you hired! If I’m not actively working or auditioning, I might update a demo or edit my profile info to keep it up to date. If it wasn’t as fun as it is, it would almost feel like work… 😂
John Eleby”