An Introduction To The World Of Voice-Over presented by Voicetrax Founder, Samantha Paris



Click above for a taste of what to expect from “Finding Your Voice”, as heard in the upcoming audio book of Finding The Bunny!


It’s not your imagination. You really are hearing voices in your head! They are everywhere around you in the form of radio and television commercials, documentaries, cartoons, video games, audiobooks, apps, interactive phone prompts, museum audio tours and product tutorials! And guess what? People just like you earn their living recording these!

Presented by Voicetrax Founder Samantha Paris, this introductory lecture will illuminate how to get started, what it takes to be a successful voice actor, and the financial realities of voice-over. But this isn’t purely some academic exercise! Finding Your Voice is a unique interactive experience where participants will be given the option to participate in exercises that explore various types of voice acting, and for those really ready to jump in, you’ll get the opportunity to record your very first commercial!

Due to the popularity and limited space, participants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. So please call in advance to secure your spot! For more information, contact us or enroll now.