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Opportunity Knocking In July…


“Holy f@(%ernutters! (You can edit that part) [we did]

Today I woke up like a regular Joe, getting ready to do my daily grind of auditioning bad scripts from Voice123, when I got a notice of an incoming email. When I saw the name Brandie Ilsen out of the corner of my eye, my heart jumped out of my chest. I left what I was doing to read the email ASAP and almost lost it. Brandie extended me an offer of trial representation to Aperture Talent Agency in LA. I couldn’t email YES fast enough. For the next 2 hours I shared the news with friends, family and now I’m sharing it with you. My VO family. I am so happy and grateful for all of you. I’ve done some pretty cool things in my life, been fortunate to have some amazing things happen, and this…well it’s right up there. This is amazing.

Much love to you Sam, and of course Vicki, Chuck and Roni. To all the great teachers I’ve experienced in these past 4 years. To all my classmates, If you haven’t yet, I hope you too get to experience this feeling. It’s pretty frickin’, hella, wicked, off the charts cool!



“Dear Sam,


Thank you for believing in me and working with me to make my lifelong dreams come true. One step at a time!!!”


We hate to throw Diane under the bus – especially after admiring her photography skills – but in the excitement of the weekend, she was heard to say a voice-acting career seemed like a pipe dream. And If “Invitational When Opportunity Knocks” proves anything, it’s that there’s no such thing as a “pipe dream” at Voicetrax! We have LA Agents visit to provide their invaluable perspectives on the industry and show students where the competitive bar is set; but every so often, those agents are impressed enough with certain students that they want to hear MORE from them after class! Such was the case not only with Diane and Tom, but also with LYNDA KLUCK and DIANA HAVEN too, who are all now reading on a trial basis for Aperture Talent in LA! And what do all four of these ‘Traxers have in common? They’ve ALL been busting their humps to be the best, most competitive voice actors they can be. Just goes to show – hard work and determination move dreams to REALITY, ain’t no “pipe” about it!

Diane Hayes cocktail


Our Little Giant

Dearest Voicetrax Students:

Many of you have met OLLIE… but for those of you who haven’t, let us tell you about this Yorkie with the heart of a tiger, the Voicetrax Mascot, our class therapy mate, a rocket-powered ball of love and sparkling personality; the neighborhood terror of rose-raiding deer and raccoon alike, gleefully unburdened by any sort of survival instinct, ever overjoyed to greet you and show you his cool new scar. But as is the way of nature, his flesh has come to such a state over more than 13 years that it can no longer contain his undiminished spirit.

Ollie did so much more than live well and hard. He’d crap-talk a little on first meeting you, but once he was in your corner, he’d be there to ease your performance nerves and break the tension at just the right moments. He wasn’t just a source of comfort, unending amusement, and possibly even intentional support; he was as perfect an embodiment of the Voicetrax spirit as anyone with four legs could be. And as we face an unaccustomed silence in home and classroom, we can’t think of anyone who’s better earned his rest and a transition to something new.

So good night, sweet prince – we know you’ll bring down that buck once and for all when you awake.

Ollie and his cigar


Triple Threat FINALISTS

THREE DAYS HAVE PASSED – and NOW, just in time to rescue your mouse from all that clicking to refresh your browser, we’re rounding out the roster for the TRIPLE THREAT FINALS on August 25! You may recall MICHAEL RANKINS, the Triple Threat nominated by all three Guest Directors from the Commercial Edition… RHIANNON BROGAN, the Narration Edition Triple Threat AND with LAUREN KELLY and VICKI BAUM, one of the “Threedom Fighters” from the Character Edition… all four of whom automatically advance to the Finals round! And now, because they were nominated by at least one or two directors, we bring you the rest of the TRIPLE THREAT FINALIST FIELD: MICHAEL BARNES, GREG EDMUNDS, KEITH HOUSTON, SCOTT KESSLER, NANCY MIDLIN, JULIE MOYLAN, SUSAN NORMAN, MICHAEL STECHER, and CYNTHIA WALLACE! These final 13 students, now in a fresh, level playing field, will compete in a free class taught by Samantha on August 25th where someone will be crowned the “2018 Triple Threat Winner!” And the prize? THREE FREE CLASSES in the up-coming 2019 season! It’s just one more way Voicetrax pays tribute to all you wonderful students for all your dedication and hard work. Hmm…what will our fortieth anniversary bring? Four free classes??? Guess you’ll really have to stay tuned!

TT Finalists graphic